Telescopes or Microscopes

A problem that people have in BJJ is that they constantly look for the next new and awesome thing. They want the latest rubbberfoot nonsense. The flipping flying ankle bar! They are looking through a telescope. Real Mastery is looking through microscopes.

I’ll give you an example. My teacher Amal Easton would take a private lesson with one of his instructors Helio “Soneca” Morriera every time he would come to town for a seminar. Amal would tell me that every single lesson was walk around arm bar! Every single one, every single time! I remember (when I still looked through a telescope) thinking how terrible that was. I mean, you already knew that. What was next? Now, I understand. I could take class for 2 hours on 1 technique! I see so much detail that it kind of overwhelms me! Now I look through a microscope, not a telescope. I don’t obsess over the latest “far out” (excuse the pun) move. I want to see what is right here in front of me. Only deeper, with more detail than I even knew could be there!

The deeper you can look, the more you can learn about something you thought you knew it all about. Whole worlds of knowledge sitting right under your nose in something you think of as ordinary. Microscopes. Not telescopes. That’s mastery.

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