Wow! People Drilling….. Must Be A Test Soon

You can always tell when it’s test time. Everyone is working on technique. People paired up, and drilling, refining, improving. It’s beautiful to see.

Too bad it’s only just before a test.

Cramming. I guess it’s just what people do. Having seen it for years, we finally adjusted our tests to trick people into training right. Like playing a game with the carrots to get a picky kid to eat. Now, we don’t just test on what you’re doing for this level….. you have to be responsible for all previous material too!

That means everyone “cramming” trying to remember the basics for the test. Well, if you “cram” every couple of months for years on end….. you’re not really “cramming”. You’re practicing! Ha! Gotcha!

But, it always catches me off guard. I look around and see all these people drilling. Really studying. Almost brings a tear to my eye out of pride. Then it hits me…… Oooooh, test time.

Ideally, you’d drill all the time. But, If all I can get is once every couple of months, I’ll take it.

One more test related topic:

I was having this discussion with a student last night. There are generally 2 types of students. The “Basics” guy, and the “Creative” guy. I think the way we do the tests take care of both.

Basic guy, only does the basic. Sounds good. They become quite solid. But… they never experiment. And so, they never quite make the art their own. Having a part of the curriculum, that asks them to add things, NOT FOUND in my basics, forces them to expand and develop their own game.

Creative guy, drops the basics immediately. Only things involving the words, rubber, or flying will do. Well, our retesting concept makes that kid HAVE to have solid basics blended into his craziness!

You can’t get through this system without developing good BJJ! No matter how hard you try!




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