I Got Bit Last Night!

What an awesome night. I got bit, eye gouged, and kicked in the groin. Yes!

I only sound excited, because when those are the “rules” people want to roll with it:

A- Allows for me to headbutt! Oh, my glorious, beautiful headbutt, how I’ve missed you. Headbutts make me smile. Just ask anyone that watched this spectacle.


B- Is a gut check for your Jiu-Jistu. The thing is NOTHING CHANGES!!!! Nothing. And if it does, that means you’re Jiu-Jitsu is watered down. The problem is people are inherently lazy. Like genetically lazy. We are hardwired to try to use a little as needed to get the job done. Which is great on survivor island. It helps you survive. But in BJJ…… Not so much. People only do what they NEED to do. Now that can either be an actual outside input (someone trying to do these things), but it doesn’t have to be. The other option is discipline. The psychological belief that you HAVE to do something, can be just as strong as some outside thing FORCING you to do it. The only difference, is in belief, or effort. If you create a belief that you MUST use street applicable positioning and tactics, you will. If someone physically forces you (ex: in sparring/rolling), then you will. But if you have no “reason” too….. Eventually you won’t. Every time you roll you’ll come 1% more out of position, until 5 years down the road, you’ve developed berimbolo, lockdown, velvet rabbit (ok that ones fake) nonsense. Then one day, you get the guy that starts biting, and poking, and punching, and you get all thrown off! It’s embarrassing.

Look, I’m not trying to shit on sport BJJ. It’s fun as hell. And it’s quite valuable, even for a self-defense oriented person. Hell, you can play a “real” game in sport and do quite well.

I’m not even trying to say that you shouldn’t play the funsy, inverted, spinny stuff. That’s also super fun. But it’s gotta be desert. Like your solid BJJ basics, the ones that laugh at the guy saying “can’t I punch you from here”. Those have to be the meat and potatoes. Then occasionally for kicks, go and ahead and do some crazy shit.

But oh, those glorious moments where someone says, “lets go no rules, to see what really works”. Not just with strikes, or MMA. Not just Vale Tudo, with everything but bites and eye gouges. I mean, eye poking, groin stomping, and ear chewing. Oh, man, those are the moments that show you your Jiu-Jitsu. Like what is it you’ve grown on this soil that is our mats.

Sometimes, it not what you meant to.

And really, that’s my point.

There’s nothing wrong with non combative BJJ.

Just make sure that you didn’t develop it on accident.

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