First Lesson In Basic Class

Count out loud.

If you can’t count out loud during the warm ups…….. Good luck not getting beat up.


People don’t count because they’re scared to risk feeling stupid.

If you are unable to take a risk, to assert yourself physically by just counting out loud, in a room full of supportive people who are all doing it too….. Trying to stand up for yourself in a self-defense scenario is gonna be a tad tough.

The willingness to stand up for yourself, is really the willingness to be embarrassed. Every professional fighter gets nervous. They’re not nervous for fear of the pain of a beating….. They’re nervous for the fear of the embarrassment of a beating.

The difference between them and you, is they’ll take the risk.

Thing is, they’re not special. It’s a practiced skill. And it starts with things as small as counting out loud.

Everything we do here has a purpose. Nothing is just for funsies.

The very first thing you do in class is assert yourself. It’s first, cause it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!

Remember, courage isn’t the absence of fear…… It’s action, in spite of it!

When a coach asks you to count….. Don’t be a mouse.

Belt it out! It is actually important.

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