One More Reason I Think Everyone Should Train

This was taken from the Portland Press Herald. It’s a local student’s story about being bullied. Take a minute to read it. I don’t have a kid, so I suppose I don’t have a right to throw my opinion around. But…. that’s never stopped me before! What the hell is going on in the world? It seems like so many things have to go wrong for this to be a problem.

The bullies parents have to raise a crappy bully kid.

The bullied kid had to be raised to fear the repercussions of standing up for themselves.

The bullied kids peers had to be raised to fear those same reprecussions, stopping the from helping.

The bullied kids school has to ignore the problem because it’s SUPER tough to navigate the parents and the law.

The laws have to be super tough to navigate.

The bullied kids parents themselves have to fear the repercussions of standing up for their kids.

…. All of this has to happen for this to occur.

It makes me so mad I can’t stand it.

If I had a kid, I would raise them to KNOW it was right….. No….. EXPECTED, that they stand up for themselves and others. I would let the school know that I expect them to stand up for my kid. I would try to teach my kid to have standards in their friends and expect them to stand up for each other. I would try to be active in the school, and the lawmaking that effect the school, so I can help mold policy.

If after all this it was still occurring, I would personally discuss with the parents of the bully the situation and ask politely for their help with their child.

Then….. If that didn’t work…….

I would smash them and their kid in the face with a shovel.

And proudly go to jail.

And if everyone was like this…. there’d be no bullies.

Fortunately for society, I’ve decided not to procreate. So, you’re all safe.

(Well, technically, I consider students family….. so…. maybe not)

But I still try to do my part.

I spend the better part of my time teaching people how to stand up, and do what’s right.

But I can only help, if you’re in here.

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