Failure To Communicate

“What we’ve got here, is a failure to communicate.”

This was said in the movie Cool Hand Luke, after the lead character is smacked about with very vulgar looking weapon.

Well, I just went through this. Well…… Not with the weapon….. I was talking to a student who was trying to help me with marketing. And, anyone that knows me, knows I can’t stand “business”. The Academy has always gotten by on my business strategy of, “If it’s awesome, it’ll work.”. This is usually coupled with my marketing strategy, of “If it’s awesome, they’ll talk about it.”.

I just figured that, if I focus on students, and make it awesome……. It’ll be fine.

Now, as much as I hate “business”, I do think it’s smart to learn things. Hence the conversation with my student about marketing. He asked me “WHY, do you do this (teach)?” And, like some annoying Yoda impersonator, every answer I gave, got the response “No, that’s WHAT……. WHY?”. 

At first, I couldn’t even put it into words. Because it seemed so obvious. Like someone asking what “warm” feels like but you can’t say “warm” to describe it (try that one for a second).

But, After a second, I said….. “This changed my life. I mean absolutely saved my life. It gave me everything I have. It made me who I am…… I want to give that gift to as many people as I can.”

That finally shut Yoda up.

But then I realized….. How many people know that?

The real value of what we do isn’t being able to fight. Even though that’s the “focal point”. It’s like Zen Flower Arranging. The “point” is to be in the moment. You just “happen” to be focusing on flowers to do it.

Yes, we are a gym. Yes, we focus on real self defense. Yes, we encourage people to compete in various combat, strength, and fitness sports to help their self development.

But that’s all the WHAT…..  Not the WHY.

Through sheer dumb luck and coincidence, I fell into this stuff. And, was forever changed. I Have seen the absolute life altering effect this stuff has on people. I have made my life’s goal be, to give that back to as many people as I can.

So there…..

Now you know.

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