Default Mode: No Gi

Yeah….. prepare for me to sound like a BJJ heretic……

Your “default” BJJ mode should be no gi.


Pretty fucking simple.

When a dude is trying to whoop your ass…. The one thing you can rely on being there…..

Is the fucking dude!!!!!

Yes…… Gi is absolutely street applicable. Why we train it.

But…. I’m talking when you’re half concussed. One eye swole shut. Bleeding out your face…


You need absolutes. Not chances. The dude will be there.

Who knows if he’s wearing a shirt? Or if the shorts he has on are sturdy enough to be a handle?

But you know his body will be there. Regardless of outfit.

I made this mistake a long time ago.

Default was gripping from years of Judo.

Got cut up and hurt from a distance one time. And looked like Frankenstein trying to grab the guys non existent collars. Got pretty fucked up.

What lead me to my first wrestling coach!

Took some time to reprogram it. But…. Now…. I can shoot half unconscious.

If you train gi…. and you give a shit about real fighting….

You have got to spend some time in no gi. And not cause gi isn’t “real” because it can’t be your default. To dangerous when it matters most.

And, if you train no gi, that’s nice. But you better add some jammy time too. Cause hockey fighting is fucking real. And designed to fuck up wrestling. So…..


Train both. Gi and No Gi.

But…. make your default be no gi. It’s the only thing you can bet your life on being applicable no matter what the fashion sense of the shit head is.

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